Clematis/Wasp Image




Bright Purple Clematis

A Snap Of This And A Snap Of That is a photo blog sharing some of my photos taken in everyday life, around the garden and locations I have travelled to. I particularly enjoy snapping animals, flowers, sunsets, sunrises, modern buildings and ancient ruins, along with anything else that is beautiful, eye catching or just different. I believe anything can be photographed and sometimes, it is the most unlikely of objects and subjects that turn out to be the most interesting or successful shots taken.

Clematis With No Petals

Clematis With No Petals

I also enjoy editing just to see if I can create something a little different, from the standard photos I take. Of course, the perfect shot needs no editing and one day, just maybe I will achieve that with every picture I take. Until then, I will persevere and enjoy the hobby of photography.


Center Of Clematis

By no means will I ever be a professional photographer.
I’m learning very slowly as I go along and still making lots of mistakes, along with taking some pleasing photos. All advice, tips, suggestions and constructive criticism from fellow photographers of all levels, is most welcome. I’m just a simple girl who enjoys taking photos and seeing what I can do with them. Still haven’t got to grips with the “must carry camera at all times” mantra either.


Wasp On Clematis


2014 will be the first year of me using a semi-pro DSLR camera …years behind everyone else, but hey. My first DSLR is hopefully going to get put to good use and one day I might be able to afford the lenses to go with it. They cost an arm, leg and head too. I am terrified and excited all rolled into one. So many new things to try to learn, buttons and settings to work out, not to mention muscles to build, just to hold the thing. I hope you enjoy looking through my blog and you visit again soon.


Any unauthorized reprint or use of this blog material is prohibited. No part of this blog, posts or images may be reproduced without express written permission from myself. © Nicola Jenkins 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved.

Wasp On Clematis Image

Wasp Collecting Pollen From Clematis


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