A Pretty Port.

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A Pretty Port


4 thoughts on “A Pretty Port.

  1. Dear Nicola, I have just discovered your Whistleblower blog after running a Google search on Fizzy Living. I am having serious, terrible problems with this company at the moment and my jaw hit the floor when I started reading about the issues you have had with them. Is there any way to email you to share experiences?


    • So sorry you are having trouble with this company but not surprised.

      The Government need to close them down.

      They and their parent company Thames Valley Housing have been involved in Serious Organised Crime (NHS/Insurance/Legal fraud) against me that has left a woman and 10-year-old child dead and caused my early death.

      They also stole my photography work and canvases so I couldn’t start my own business, killed all my dog’s and stole £30,000 worth of belongings and a Motability car.

      It’s what gypsies do.

      I have known the MD of Fizzy Living, who is a nasty gypsy criminal thug (I don’t know him as anything else so not libel) since he was a young lad. And his relative’s too. All linked to corrupt Police and MPs.

      My advice is to stay away from both housing organisations.

      TVHA used to be brilliant until all the fraudster criminals were employed by them…now, it is just a vehicle for Serious Organised Crime.

      And no tenants should trust them with personal details/bank details etc.

      Sorry not to give an email address but I keep all correspondence public for safety/security purposes.

      I hope you resolve your issues with them. If I can be of any further help, please feel free to get back in touch. Take Care.


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